1. Childhood Alberto Shwartz 3:36
  2. Seasers Alberto Shwartz 2:56
  3. You can't do nothing Alberto Shwartz 1:14
  4. The End Alberto Shwartz 3:00
  5. Home 3:10


Two young men come running out of a dark alley, leaving behind another young man with his neck stabbed. The moment Danny received the message about the murder of Itzik, his only son, his life would never again be the same. Ten years of legal proceedings and new disclosures made during that time have slowly crumbled his faith in gaining justice. Along with the pain of his loss, he realizes that only he can find the truth of what happened that night. His journey in search of the truth reveals his complex identity for the first time: a spy who worked for the security services, an Arab who converted and became a practicing Jew, a man who felt pride, respect and sympathy for a country that has absurdly and horrifyingly betrayed him.

Holes – Documentary Film

Director: Shirly Berkovitz
Producer: HOT8